Avoid Clogged Gutters with a Gutter Guard

The biggest challenge faced by many people right after the rainy season is a clogged gutter. A clogged gutter is caused by leaves and other dirt particles that are carried down to the roof gutter by rainwater. To ensure that you do not have to take the pain of cleaning the gutter every weekend, you should be using a good quality gutter guard to prevent any debris from finding its way into the gutter as it gets washed down from the roof with the raindrops.

What is a Gutter Guard

Gutter guards are mesh rolls that are spread over the gutter to provide a filter to block leaves and other debris items to get to the gutter, thereby blocking it in due course of time. There are many varieties of guards for the gutter which include mesh type, bottle brush type, nylon made, foam type, etc. Of all the varieties available, the mesh type gutter guard is the most popular one as it is found to be most effective in serving the purpose of keeping the gutter free from unwanted debris.

Why Use Gutter Guards

The main reason for premature rusting of the gutters is the collection of leaves and other debris in the roof gutter that gets carried down with the rain. With this debris, water molecules are also stored in the gutter trough, which bring rusting to the material much faster than expected. Also, during winters, this trapped water gets frozen and causes blockage in the gutter not allowing the rain water to be channeled out to the downspout.

If you are living in a bushfire-prone zone, a guard for the roof gutter is a must to avoid any fire situation. Trapped leaves in the gutter could catch fire very easily and damages caused by that need not be mentioned separately.

Trapped debris in the gutter could be a good breeding ground for vermin and insects. You would certainly not want those creepy roaches or eerie spiders find their way in your living room. A clean gutter would ensure that you are not providing any breeding ground to these unwanted guests in your house.

Saves a Lot of Money and Effort

With best gutter guards fitted over your roof gutter, you can be rest assured that the cost and effort that you had to spend on the maintenance of the gutter would be halved. You would not be required to take the pain of doing the cleaning activity at regular intervals or pay someone to do it on your behalf. With a guard to the gutter installed, you would be required to clean the gutter once in every five years.

There is a school of thought, which says that a gutter guard would hamper the aesthetic beauty of a house as the steel or gray colored guard of the gutter would not be a match to the color of the house. These days, providers of guards of gutter offer color matching solutions as well. With these matching colored gutter guards, the house does not get impacted in terms of its appearance, but it sure gets impacted a lot with the positive benefits of a clog free roof gutter.  http://www.gutter-mesh.com.au/