Hire the Best Quality Pool Fence Installation Gold Coast Services

Looking for some reliable pool fence installation Gold Coast services? Pool fence installations are a mandatory requirement for all swimming pools in Australia because they provide an excellent safety barrier, thus preventing young kids and pets from drowning. Australian regulations require stainless steel exhaust canopy that all swimming pools be kitted with a continuous and reliable barrier that can prevent kids from accessing the pool. Drowning has been cited as a leading cause of accidental deaths amongst young kids and therefore installation of the barriers is of utmost importance.

stainless steel exhaust canopy

Moreover, pool fence installations must adhere to the latest standards. Those that were installed before 1993 will require some updating so as to meet the latest standards. Australian authorities also require that property owners adhere to some regulations and procedures while carrying out the pool fence installations. It is therefore imperative that property owners contract the most professional pool fence installation Gold Coast contractors that will ensure the safety of pool through top quality installations.

Lamberts Australia provides just this kind of service. The company is a leading contractor for the various commercial fit out protects and strictly adheres to the laws and standards to provide customers with the best installations in the market. With an experience spanning 30 years in fit outs and other installations, customers are guaranteed the most reliable service and a solution that will meet their pool safety needs.

Lamberts’ pool fence installation service is not only reliable but also simple and stylish. Customers are assured of a superior quality alongside rich options of swimming pool fence designs. For example, property owners can opt to install pool fence Gold Coast designs such as the frameless glass pool fencing, the semi-frameless glass pool fencing and even balustrade fencing.  The glass panels are toughened to meet the highest safety standards. Besides, you choose from a full range of glass wall sizes ranging from 8mm to 122mm. They have also been built to meet Australia’s harsh weather conditions, a factor that also contributes to their longevity.

Lamberts offers quality materials and workmanship complying to the highest Australian standards and providing the greatest durability.  The company employs certified staff for expertise in Gold Coast installing pool fence on multiple properties with diverse needs such as varying swimming pool shapes and sizes.

The Lamberts pool fence installation Gold Coast services are fully guaranteed and offer customers maximum satisfaction. The installations are also fully compliant with Gold Coast laws so you do not run the risk of paying some heavy fines or carrying out a costly re-installation of the pool fences.  An in-house design team ensures that property owners can get pool fence installation Gold Coast services that are uniquely tailored to their tastes and preferences. The services also come with workmanship guarantees.

Visit Lamberts.com.au to make enquiries or place a request for a quote. You can place a call to the responsive Lamberts customer service team by calling (07) 3277 9651 or dropping an email to info@lamberts.com.au. With competitive rates, top quality materials and excellent workmanship, why wait? Secure your pool today with Lamberts’ pool fence installation Gold Coast services.