Tips for Getting the Right Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is always a great choice especially when saving up space. They often come with different designs, most being classic and stylish. Before buying one, ensure that you have done proper room measurements, selected the type you want, the style you love and most important, check its safety measures. Bunk beds are the most preferred by many home owners because they are very convenient and space-conscious. Purchasing the right one should not always be a very complicated process, but you must follow certain guidelines. This is because safety should be your first priority. The following are the guiding tips to follow:

Get the bed’s suitable measurements

A bunk bed is always valued because it usually saves space in the room effectively.  Take measurements of room spaces like the height of the ceiling, the floor, as well as the space between the window and the door. The measurements between the ceiling and the bed must be approximately 2 to 3 feet. This is will prevent bumping the head on the ceiling. Other important features like drawers and mattresses that can be pulled out may require a greater space.

Select the bunk bed type you desire

There are wide varieties of these beds that are being sold. Rely on your taste or preferences to choose the right one. There are common kinds of bunk beds available. There is the one which is basic and the lofted type, which has other categories under it. There are great choices to purchase like twin over twin, lofted ones on top of a futon, elaborate full beds among others. Other beds have features that allow three persons to sleep separately in one bed unit. Whichever variations you choose, these beds ensure there is convenience of space by allowing more than one person to share it when sleeping.

Choose styles and features

These beds may have very important features which can be used for various convenient purposes like entertainment, storage, study areas, and beds that can be pulled out easily when visitors come frequently to your home. You may opt to purchase one that has all these features. Alternatively, you can get one and opt to upgrade it with these features as add-ons later. These beds can come with variety of styles, features and designs. The most basic and common designs are the ones which are made of materials from metal, wood or a combo of the two. The design of these beds can make them ornaments in the rooms. The bed can also add colour. Depending on what you want, choose a bed that stands out or the one whose colour blends with the room. Before getting a bunk bed, ask your child so as to know his or her preferences on the type of bed they like.

Ensure the bed is safe

Safety should always be your number one priority. Scrutinize the bed thoroughly to see if there are any defects. Ensure that you don’t bring a potential hazard into your home. Important features to put in consideration are sturdy ladders and side rails. Check the base to ensure it’s strong enough to carry your child’s weight. Also, keep on reminding your child on safety measures he or she must keep in mind while using a bunk bed, so as to prevent injuries.